Shandong Donyue Science&technology Development Co.

We, Shandong Donyue Science&technology Development Co., Ltd., are a large food and beverage trading company, located in Jinan City, China, and established in 1989. Our total business value in 2004 is over USD50,000,000.
Our main business scope covers aquatic product, canned food, concentrated fruit juice, puree and beverage, poultry and livestock, etc. Besides, we are newly developing some other businesses, like wood products, chemical products, garment and mechanical & electronic product, etc.
With near 20 years’ development, we have built strong strategic cooperation relationship with over 100 large food suppliers and customers, domestic or abroad. Our products are widely welcome in the markets of over 20 countries and districts, Japan, Korea, US, Brazil, UK, German, Franch, Australia, Mid-Asia, Philippines, H.K. and Taiwan, etc.
To improve marketing competitiveness, we install ERP system in our company to guarantee the efficient business management. Further, we are the forerunner in the foreign trade area who smoothly won the verification of ISO9001/14001.

The product list now we deal with is as follows:
1. Aquatic Product
1) Shellfish
l Abalone
l Surf Clam
l Whelk Meat
l Ark Shell
l Clam Meat
l Short Necked Clam
l Cyclina Sinensis
l Oyster
l Yeso Scallop
l Chinese Bay Scallop
l Mussel Meat
l Octopus
l Fan Shell Adductor
l Razor Clam Meat
2) Crab and Prawn
l Chinese mitten-handed crab
l Swimming crab
l Baby Crab
l Corab Crab
l Samoan Crab
l Frozen Chinese shrimp
l Kuruma Prawn
l White shrimp
l River Prawn
l Acetes chinensis
l Red Swamp Crawfish
3) Other Aquatic Products
l Sea Cucumber
l Sea Urchin
l Frozen Pollock  
l Frozen Spanish mackerel flakes  
2. Fruit and Vegetable Product
1) Fruit
l Fresh-keeping Apple  
l Fresh-keeping Pear  
l Fresh-keeping Peach  
l Dehydrated Apple Flakes  
2) Fruit Juice and Puree
l Apple juice concentrate, puree, puree concentrate
l Pear juice concentrate, puree, puree concentrate
l Yellow, white peach juice concentrate, puree, puree concentrate
l Apricot puree, puree concentrate
l Grape juice concentrate
l Strawberry juice concentrate
l Mulberry juice concentrate
l Carrot juice concentrate, puree, puree concentrate
3) Canned Fruit
l Canned white peach in syrup
l Canned yellow peach in syrup
l Canned bartlett pears in syrup
l Canned grapes in syrup
l Canned fruits cocktail
4) Vegetable
l Quick-frozen mushroom  
l Quick-frozen burdock  
l Quick-frozen scallion  
l Quick-frozen lotus root  
l Quick-frozen green pepper  
l Quick-frozen Holland beans  
l Quick-frozen string less green beans  
l Quick-frozen lumps of ginger  
l Quick-frozen spinach
l Quick-frozen taro
l Quick-frozen asparagus  
l Quick-frozen sliced apples
l Quick-frozen sliced yellow peaches  
l Quick-frozen strawberries  
l Fresh-keeping rutabaga
l Fresh-keeping cabbage
l Fresh-keeping Chinese cabbage
l Fresh-keeping garlic bolt
l Fresh-keeping wild cabbage
l Fresh-keeping burdock
l Fresh-keeping carrot
l Fresh-keeping taro
l Fresh-keeping radish
l Fresh-keeping onion
l Fresh-keeping garlic segments
l Fresh-keeping garlic  
l Fresh-keeping ginger
l Fresh-keeping scallion
l Dehydrated carrot granules  
l Dehydrated Xianggu mushroom  
l Dehydrated spinach
l Dehydrated radish slices  
l Dehydrated ginger powder  
l Dehydrated ginger flakes  
l Dehydrated garlic powder  
l Dehydrated garlic grains
l Dehydrated garlic flakes  
l Salted radish  
l Salted ginger cuts  
5) Vegeatble Juice
l Celery juice concentrate
l Spinach juice concentrate
l Cabbage juice concentrate
6) Canned Vegetable
l Canned green peas
l Canned Franch green beans
l Canned white asparagus
l Canned green asparagus
l Canned mushrooms (whole and cuts)
l Canned corn kernels and creamed corn
3. Poultry and Livestock
1) Poultry Meat Products  
l Skinless Duck Leg Meat
l Duck Leg Bone-in
l Duck Breast Meat Skin-in
l Duck Breast
l Chicken Middle Wing
l Chincken Leg Bone-in
l Chicken Drumsticks  
l Whole Chicken
l Boneless Chicken Leg Meat
l Chicken Fillet
l Chicken Wing Stick
l Boneless Whole Chicken
l Whole Chicken Breast
2) livestock meat products
l Lamb
l Beef
l Pork
l Frozen Rabbit Foreleg Bone-in
l Frozen Rabbit Back Bone-in
l Frozen Rabbit Hindleg Bone-in
l Frozen Rabbit Bone-in
l Frozen Boneless Rabbit Meat  

Any interest in the above products, please do not hesitate to contact me,

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