Nutricia Foods International (PVT) Ltd

Nutricia foods international is mainly an exporter of Dates and seafood. We

are in this business since last 8 years and we have exported and supplied

substantial quantities of different verities of fish to china, Japan, Korea, HK,

Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.      

Mostly we have concentrated on Ribbon Fish Head Off, Tail Off, and Gutted

for Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Ribbon Fish Whole and Gutted, Silver Croaker,

Yellow Croaker, Conger Eel, Cuttle Fish, Squid for China and Indian Mackerel

to Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand markets, as understand the quality

requirements from these markets.

For packing mostly Japanese prefer IQF, IWP and others prefer block frozen,

in 10 kg and 20 kg card board cartons.  

In addition to the above mentioned varieties, we can also offer other types of

seafood like Big eye Illisha, Red snapper fillet, Crabs, black pomfret, white

pomfret, tongue sole, Jew Fish, Silver Grunt, Jelly Fish, Jack Nife Clam etc.

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75000 - Karachi
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