Shipyard Instalations

Industria Naval del Pacifico(I.N.P.), is located in Guaymas, is the largest shipyard dedicated to ship building in the whole Latin American Pacific Coast.u
The main purpose of this company is produce technical solutions in shipbuilding, and its quality work is renown. This shipyard has built most of the vessels in Mexico.

Shipyard Repair
In order to achieve all this, I.N.P. has:

• Flat panel, cold shaping, and pre-manufacturing table shops.
• Two 161 m-long, 26.68 m wide launching slips, for building ships up to 30,000 tons.
• A 178 m long marginal dock for on float outfitting or repair, and two docking piers.
• Machinery, tool, carpentry, tube and module shops.
• Six 25 ton cranes serving the slips.
• Warehouses and support areas.
• Gas, compressed air and water facilities.

In order to achieve all this, I.N.P. has:
We have the Capacity to serve some 60 vessels a year. On float, using 178 m-long piers and docks
With experienced workmanship & welders classed by ABS, we are capable for major ship repairs and conversions, including bulbous fabrication & installation, main engines installation & removals, tanks (cleaning, painting, fabrication & installation).


Ship Building Area

We have the building capacity for vessels up to 25,000/30,000 DWT.
A combined production of:
Merchant Ships: Tankers, bulk, ore, crain, reefer, containers, etc.
Fishing Boats: Tuna, shrimp, sardine.
Industrial: Dredges, tugs, supply, barges.

We have the capacity to cut up to 300 tons per month, equivalent to 5 shrimp boats measuring 75ft. long. And in the outfitting dock, on float shredding and dismantling of ships measuring up to 180 m long.

Structure manufacture
Manufacture of steel structures, modules and mechanical parts for vessels & Industry, starting from beam and metal sheets.

Ship Dismanteling

We have done:
Manufacture of structural platforms for trailers.
Manufacture of metal structures for export.

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