Preobrazhenskaya Trawler Fleet Base (PBTF) is the largest fishing company in the Russian Far Eastern Region.

The predecessor of PBTF was Preobrazheniye Fish Factory founded in January 1930. The backbone of the fishing craft of Fish Factory was formed by 15 sailing scows, 3 motor sailers, and a picking store.
There were 276 working both on the shore and at sea. During the first year of its operation, the company produced 1 million rubles worth of marketable fish products.

In 1941 the fish processing plant was transformed into the Second Seiner Branch of Primorrybprom. Its fleet consisted of 40 fishing boats (kungas type) equipped with low-capacity engines and ten small Black Sea seiners. Later Preobrazheniye received midsized trawlers and big steamers refurbished as tenders that allowed the Company went into the new fishing grounds in the Sea of Okhotsk and the Bering Sea. The employee staff grew up to 2 050 people.

The January 01 1977 Trawler Fleet Administration was transformed into the trawler fleet base of Primorrybrom Production Association that grew into one of the largest fishing companies of the Russian Far East. The fishermen of Preobrazhenskaya Trawler Fleet Base were engaged in the fishing expeditions all over the World Ocean. The Company fleet had over 70 fishing and processing vessels. The employee team grew up to 5.5 thousand people. Coastal fisheries were fast developing. The vessels repaired in the own ship-repair plant.

On August 25 in 1980
Preobrazhenskaya Trawler Fleet Base has been awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor.

In 1992 PBTF became a Public JSC but due to unbalanced economic policies of the state it could hardly escape bankruptcy. The number of its fishing vessels went down twofold, the catch volumes shrank and the shore processing did likewise, thousands of people remained jobless. The improvements started in 1997 with the election of the new Board of Directors. The new leaders have drafted efficient programs of financial and economic reorganization and directed their main effort and assets at the renewal of the fleet that was getting depleted, at the development of the shore processing facilities and at opening new job positions.

In April 2000, according to the company's earlier placed order, at one of the shipyards the freezer trawler/tender Preobrazheniye Bay was launched. In recent years there have also been built a fish factory and a plastic container shop; as a result, new job opportunities have been developed.

Preobrazhenskaya Trawler Fleet Base is a powerful integrated company now with an own fishing, transportation and support fleet and a developed shore infrastructure. Besides the ship repair plant, the motor vehicle company, the refrigerator complex for 2.5 thousand tons production, the shop for manufacturing fishing gear like nets, trawls and other sea fishing woven gear, the berthing line with seven portal cranes, it incorporates a whole range of subdivisions and daughter companies that are self-sustained.

The PBTF production potential is connected with its fishing fleet operating in the Sea of Okhotsk, the Bering Sea and the Sea of Japan and catching Alaska pollock, Pacific herring, saury, salmon, flounder, Pacific cod, halibut, squid, shrimp, crab, sea urchin and shellfish.
The range of goods supplied on the internal and external markets by PBTF includes frozen fish products, fillet, roe, and fish meal.

In recent years the international linkages of PBTF have become stronger. The Base set up business relations with the US business circles having purchased in that state four small-capacity vessels for coastal fishing. In Germany it procured the equipment for its new technological lines, for repair and refurbishing of the fishing fleet. Engaged in traditional suppliers of its production to China, Korea and Japan PBTF continues growing its market geography.

Preobrazhenskaya Trawler Fleet Base is a regular participant of international food industry shows held in Moscow and abroad. Recently it won the contract after exporting first parties of sea delicacies to Greece and Latvia. Germany is another customer.
For the coming several years the target of PBTF is not growing the catch amounts but earning more profits due to deep processing of the catch and the output of a broad range of accessible priced seafood.

The Company runs several social programs: free catering in schools is available, the veterans get bonuses in addition to theirpensions and subsidies for medical drugs. PBTF supports the sole in the Primorsky krai fisheries children summer camp and a sport school; it funds the maintenance of social infrastructure facilities. Under the Company's regular care is the settlement Art Center recognized among the best in Primorsky krai.

Preobrazhenskaya Trawler Fleet Base Public JSC is the basic enterprise in the settlement: more than 70 % of the population is working at it.